Addicts Rehabilitation Center, Inc.

In 1984, Pastor Williams entered the Addicts Rehabilitation Center, Inc. as a client seeking help to overcome his drug addiction. While attending a local revival service, Evangelist Peggy Ferguson of the White Rock Baptist Church, publicly prophesied to him and Mr. James Allen, Executive Director of ARC, that “God has put you two together; to work together and to help each other”. Pastor Williams was subsequently hired by Mr. Allen as “Executive Assistant”. During the past thirty years, Rev. Williams’ was promoted to ‘Program Director’ and ‘Director of Operations’ and given increased responsibilities including: policy development, contract negotiations, legislative and service advocacy, oversight of the delivery of clinical services and sponsor/developer of all capital projects (6 new constructions and 4 completely renovated buildings).

Today, ARC is the oldest, one of the largest and most successful, intensive residential, drug-free treatment program in the State of New York.

ARC, with all of its extended ministries to substance abusers, chronic homeless, mentally impaired, person living with HIV/AIDS, veterans is presently serving over 1,000 special needs, residential clients. Upon the retirement and recommendation of Mr. Allen, the election of ARC’s Board of Directors and the approval of New York State’s Office of Alcohol and Substance Abuse Services, Pastor Williams is now President and Chief Executive Officer of ARC, Inc. and Chairman of the ARC Foundation, Inc.

Pastor Williams implemented, and often presides over; the famous “Hour of Power” (Harlem’s mid-week International Worship Service) attended by thousands of foreign tourists and local residents annually; featuring the highly acclaimed recording artists, The ARC Gospel Choir. His annual missionary work takes him throughout the United States, Italy, France, Africa, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Geneva, Mexico, Aruba, Israel, Lebanon, the Caribbean and U.S. Virgin Islands. He is often referred to as “Harlem’s Goodwill/Gospel Ambassador.

Rev Williams is a respected and highly recognized accomplished builder. In his capacity as Pastor and Chairman of the ARC Foundation, he has developed over 900 housing units and enriched resident services for low-income individuals and families in the Bronx and Harlem totaling over $120 million dollars, collectively.

As a Trustee of the Enterprise Foundation, Rev. Williams chaired its Network Advisory Board representing over 2500 nationwide community based developers. He was also instrumental in securing over $1 Billion of private dollars for advocacy, policy, development and operating funds for local affordable housing developers and social services program throughout New York City.

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